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Lotto Max Tickets

You can now play each Lotto Max draw online and save yourself the hassle of having to visit your local shop to buy tickets. The numbers you choose and buy will be automatically checked for you and any winnings sent straight to your online account, although if you wish to check your numbers against the winnings numbers yourself then you can do so.

You can also play all the major US lotteries online, including the world-famous Powerball and Mega Millions draws, both of which have seen jackpot prizes over $1.5 billion. Canada is also famous for its 6/49 draw, with tickets available to buy online below.

Just select the вЂ˜Play Online’ button of the lottery you want to enter and you will be taken to choose those all-important draw numbers. If you don’t have a specific set of numbers you want then just use the quick pick option and they will be automatically generated for you. All you then have to do is pay for your entries and you are all set!

Play Lotto Max online for your chance to win up to $60 million! The secure and convenient way to buy your Lotto Max tickets.

Lotto Max

Now with draws every Tuesday and Friday!

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Detailed results for the main draw
Category Winners Prizes
7/7 1 $60,000,000.00
6/7+B 2 $306,129.60
6/7 69 $4,601.10
5/7+B 207 $920.20
5/7 4,183 $106.30
4/7+B 7,110 $49.10
4/7 93,888 $20.00
3/7+B 95,079 $20.00
3/7 916,451 Free Play
TOTAL 1,116,990
Origin of winning tickets
7/7 6/7+B
Québec 0 0 1
The Prairies 1 1 0
British Columbia 0 1 0
Atlantic Provinces 0 0 0
Ontario 0 0 0
Detailed results for the Extra draw
Category Winners Prizes
Complete number (7 digits) 0 $1,000,000 *
Last 6 digits 2 $25,000
Last 5 digits 6 $500
Last 4 digits 64 $50
Last 3 digits 697 $20
Last 2 digits 6,949 $5
Last digit 69,691 $2
First 6 digits 1 $10,000
First 5 digits 8 $500
First 4 digits 70 $50
First 3 digits 716 $20
First 2 digits 7,033 $5
TOTAL 85,237
Detailed results for the main draw
Category Winners Prizes
7/7 0 $2,000,000.00 *
6/7+B 0 $100,000.00 **
6/7 2 $1,000.00
5/7+B 9 $200.00
5/7 232 $100.00
4/7+B 440 $20.00
4/7 5,631 $10.00
3/7+B 5,862 $10.00
3/7 54,320 Free Play
TOTAL 66,496
Detailed results for the draw of additional selections 14 x $1 million ( divisible )

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for other lotteries

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Winner of the Lotto Max jackpot

Linda ended 2020 on a high note with a $55 million win!

Winner of a Maxmillions prize

He won $1 million with a ticket he purchased online!
“I just kept seeing zero after zero after zero!”

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Lotto Max – Summary

  • Cost : $5 for 1 play (comprised of 3 selections)
  • Minimum jackpot: $10,000,000, growing from draw to draw up to $70,000,000 if it is not won
  • DRAW FREQUENCY: Bi-weekly, every Tuesday and Friday
  • DEADLINE FOR WAGERS: Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:30 p.m.
  • APPROXIMATE ODDS OF WINNING A PRIZE: 1 in 7.0 with 1 play
  • APPROXIMATE ODDS OF WINNING THE jackpot : 1 in 33,294,800 with 1 play
  • Theoretical PAYOFF RATE: 48%
  • First draw: September 25, 2009

Jackpot and Maxmillions

The jackpot starts at $10,000,000 and, if not won, increases at each draw for a maximum jackpot of $70,000,000.

Maxmillions (prizes of $1,000,000) are offered when the jackpot reaches $50,000,000. Notably, when the amount of the 7/7 pool for any given draw exceeds $50,000,000, it shall be capped at an amount set between $50,000,000 and $70,000,000 inclusive (the “7/7 pool cap”), and the excess is divided into additional prizes of $1,000,000 (Maxmillions). The difference is added to the 6/7+B pool.

For example: The advertised jackpot (the 7/7 pool cap) is set at $50,000,000. If the 7/7 pool reaches $52,214,000, on top of the $50,000,000 jackpot, two Maxmillions will be drawn. The remaining amount of $214,000 would be added to the 6/7+B pool.

If the $50M jackpot is not won, the Maxmillions that were not won are added to those of the next draw. Thus, if the 2 Maxmillions are not won, the offering could increase, for example, to $55M + 4 Maxmillions, then to $60M + 6 Maxmillions, then to $65M + 8 Maxmillions, and finally, to $70M + 10 Maxmillions. If the $50M jackpot is won, the Maxmillions that were not won are added to the jackpot pool for the next draw. The jackpot for that draw will then be $10,000,000 + the Maxmillions that were not won.

Additional selections drawn for Maxmillions prizes are not decomposable and each prize is shared amongst the winners.

Lotto Max – Play this Loto-Québec draw game online and at retailers. Announced jackpot starting at minimum $10,000,000. Draw each Tuesday and Friday. View draw results here. ]]>