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Illinois Lottery Second Chance Promotion

By Steve Beauregard

Don’t throw away those losing Illinois lottery tickets!

Whether it’s a cheap $1 scratcher, a $5 ticket, $10, or pricier $20 buck ticket, you have another opportunity to win a life-changing amount just by entering that losing ticket into a second chance drawing. Some Illinois Lottery Instant tickets offer a Second Chance entry

Based on data from other states with second chance promotions, these Second Chance Lottery drawings sometimes offer better odds than the original games. That’s because fewer people go through the hassle of scanning or entering the losing tickets into the system.

Best of all, entering that 2nd chance drawing doesn’t cost you anything else. It’s a freeroll that you should definitely take advantage of. Especially since you could turn that losing instant ticket into a million dollar payday. (More on that below).

Begun in 1974, the Illinois Lottery is one of the more popular lotteries in the United States. Sixty percent of state residents play it regularly, and there’s close to $3 billion in annual sales (per data from

It’s also that rare lottery to sell games online and via a mobile app.

Illinois Lottery Games With 2nd Chance Drawings

Illinois Lottery second chance drawings only apply to the instant scratch-off tickets.

Even then, most scratchers do not have the second chance option. Tickets with 2nd chance drawings will be marked on the front with “2nd Chance Promotion” language. If it doesn’t have that marking, you won’t be able to enter it into the drawing.

Games with second-chance entries will vary year-to-year, many with themes. For example, back in 2011, there was a Wheel of Fortune Second Chance game. The Illinois Lottery sells nearly $3 billion in tickets each year

In 2018, Illinois Lottery officials introduced the $10 Willy Wonka Golden Ticket game, complete with a second chance entry in which ten winners were flown to Las Vegas to play for additional cash prizes.

On the recent $5 Deal or No Deal scratch-off tickets, there was a second chance drawing in which one winner would receive a trip for four people to Orlando to play a non-televised Deal or No Deal game for prizes up to $1 million dollars.

Million Dollar Second Chance Lottery Entry

Other times, the second chance prizes are just direct cash to the winner.

In 2019’s “Holiday 2nd Chance Promotion”, five different scratchers, (ranging from $1 to $20) were eligible for 134 different cash prizes in the second chance game.

If you took the time to enter your losing ticket, you were in the drawing for prizes ranging from 100 different $1,000 winners, to one grand prize of a cool $1 million dollars.

Odds of Winning an Illinois Instant Ticket Second Chance Drawing?

Based on available information and very rough estimates, I’ve calculated the odds of winning a million dollars in the Illinois Lottery Second Chance game to be 1 in 704,000 when entering a non-winning $20 ticket. (The methodology for this is at the bottom of the page).

The odds of winning a $1,000 prize in the 2nd chance drawing is 1 in 7,045, when entering a $20 ticket.
True, those aren’t great odds, but keep in mind that’s on top of the 2.72 to 1 odds you have to win any prize when scratching it off after purchase.

Based on Illinois lottery numbers, when buying their $20 ticket (the “Holiday Countdown” in 2019), you have roughly a 1 in 600,000 of winning one of the three million dollar prizes. Even if you lose, you have another 1 in 704,000 chance of winning the 2nd chance million dollar prize.

Plus keep in mind, there are many other cash prizes, including ten different $10K prizes.

I’m certainly not advocating lottery purchases as a means to financial improvement, however if you’re going to pay, it just makes sense to enter those losing tickets into the second chance promotions.

Heck, it even makes sense to pick up lottery tickets you find on the street or in a trash can next to a lottery instant ticket machine. After all, those tickets are basically free entries into a million dollar plus prize pool.

Illinois Second Chance Drawings for Lotto?

The Illinois Lotto currently does not offer a second chance drawing for lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Lucky Day Lotto, nor the Pick 3 and Pick 4 games.

How to Enter the Illinois Lottery Second Chance Drawing

First off, the ticket has to be a non-winner, and you’ll have to enter it online. There is no mail-in option. I believe you can scan the ticket with the Illinois Lotto app, should you have it on your phone.

If not, you can enter online through the following:

1..You’ll go to the Illinois Lottery website, and there will be a “2nd Chance Promotion” area where you’ll click on the “Learn More” button.

2…There you’ll see the eligible games, along with an “Enter Now” button.

3…This takes you to the Illinois Second Chance Bonus Zone area, where you’ll register once, then enter the ticket number.

4…After your entry is recorded online, you no longer need the ticket. You can throw it away.

Please note that you can enter a maximum of 25 entries per day. The number of entries is based upon the cost of the ticket. In other words, a $10 ticket gets you ten entries, a $20 tickets gets you twenty entries, etc.

More about the Illinois Lottery and Lotto

* National lotto/lottery data is difficult to find, however different sources I found online show Illinois’ lottery sales to be between the 10th and 12th highest in the United States.

* You have to be 18 years or older to purchase a ticket.

* Each year, over fifty people win $1 million or more playing the Illinois Lottery.

* In October 2018, the Illinois Lottery set a record with over $345 million in ticket sales. This sales record was mainly due to a then-record $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot.

* Illinois Lottery games are operated by a private contractor, Camelot Illinois, who took over the lotto/lottery contract from the Northstar Lottery Group.


For the Illinois Lottery’s 2019 Holiday 2nd Chance Promotion, five different instant games were offered. Information as to how many tickets were printed was not available, so I counted up the total number of prizes offered, and multiplied that figure by the odds of winning for each game.

This game us the following:

$1 tickets printed: 11,480,724 = 1.6 million entries*
$2 tickets printed: 4,556,727 = 1.276 million entries
$5 tickets printed: 4,788,954 = 3.342 million entries
$10 tickets printed: 2,033,651 = 2.847 million entries
$20 tickets printed: 1,799,372 = 5.03 million entries

*(Entries equals tickets printed x 70% sales estimate x 2nd chance participation rate of 20% estimate x cost of the ticket).

Total number of tickets printed eligible for the 2nd Chance drawing: 24,659,428

However that 24 million ticket figure is the total of all the tickets printed. Not all tickets sell.

How many actually end up in the hands of a lottery player? I do not have hard data on that, other than figures from two different Chicago Tribune stories, in which they reported on four different Illinois Lottery instant games.

One game sold 64% of the tickets before ending, while another game sold 49% of the tickets. Two other games sold 15% and 19.4% of the total printed.

To be conservative, let’s say that 70% of the tickets sell. In this case, that would be just over 17 million tickets (17,261,599) eligible for the second chance drawing.

But how many of these 17 million tickets will be entered into a second chance drawing? We have to guess, as this information is not available in Illinois (as far as I can tell).

From second chance drawings figures from Colorado and Oregon, (in which figures are more readily available), the participation rate for second chance drawings is between 6 and 15%.

Again being conservative, and using a 20% entry figure, (20% of the 17,261,599 tickets sold), we make a very rough estimate that there are 3.4 million tickets entered into the second chance drawing.

Further complicating this estimating is the fact that unlike other states, Illinois combines all tickets into the general second chance drawing. In Colorado, for example, only people who buy a $20 ticket can enter the state’s $1 million second chance drawing. In the land of Lincoln however, all tickets are thrown into the pool together.

However the tickets are weighted based on price. A dollar ticket gives you one entry into the 2nd chance drawing, whereas a $20 tickets gives you twenty entries.

Making very broad assumptions that the 70% ticket sales are distributed evenly among all five price points (unlikely as $20 tickets would probably be outsold by one buck scratchers), and that the estimated 20% participation rate into the 2nd chance drawing is equally split between all five different tickets, we arrive at a total of roughly 14.09 million entries into Illinois second chance drawing.

There are 134 cash prizes in the second chance drawing, including one, $1 million dollar prize, meaning if you bought a $20 ticket, your odds of becoming a millionaire via the second chance entry is roughly 1 in 704,000. (20 entries out of 14.09 million entries total)

Some losing Illinois instant lottery tickets may be worth thousands of dollars! Here’s information on the second chance drawings, how to enter, and why they are certainly worth your while.

Illinois Lottery has become very fraudulent. While most people understand the concept of gambling being a game of chance. Over time, there is supposed to be a viable opportunity of winning — which is the motivation for most people participating in the play. However, when it comes to the Illinois Lottery system, this opportunity is all smoke and mirrors. The scratch-off tickets are a joke; even nominal prizes are difficult to win. The odds of winning anything is severely compromised, and this is obvious by the fact that there are people who are purchasing entire rolls of tickets where no winners appear to be present. Additionally, the reality of top prize wins are literally non-existent because the truth of the matter is that in most cases these top prizes are not in circulation in the first place. Illinois Lottery is merely selling the “idea of winning” while simultaneously being allowed to collect high volumes of revenue without creating real opportunities for an actual win. When it comes to Pick 3 and Pick 4 tickets, the lottery company has done very little to hide the fact that it does not respect, or value its long time customer base. They are blatantly manipulating the wins by counting numbers and tickets in advance in order to avoid large payouts, and has abandoned its long time practice of being able to win on multiples of the same number, but for promotional purposes only, is still being allowed to sells this concept as a viable possibility when it clearly is not; in order to dupe people into spending more money. Also, the possibility of winning online with Illinois Lottery is almost zero, since the system appears to be set up to recognize and avoid selecting the numbers that are being played.

In previous years, you would occasionally win, or know someone who would win amounts over $600 with enough of a frequency that it at least looked authentic. Nowadays, the MOST you ever see people win is $100, and even that is few and far between. Also notable, is the fact that when it comes to the Jackpot wins, Illinois has a very sketchy history of ever producing a winner. Even on the few occasions where it did, the winning tickets almost always magically materialized in small white locales where diversity is non-existent. The bottom line is that the Illinois Lottery is a corrupt system that is exclusively being allowed to sell fantasy with no possibility of ever securing the reality of a win.

Fraudulent scam run by sophisticated computers full support by greedy rulers. No fairness. No ethics in their operations. We fools always believe in hope.

Have anyone noticed that whenever you play a scratch off they always put the top prize on them but never let you win that prize and whatever the winner number is the gone give you 1 number below it or 1 number higher to make you think that you were close? It’s all a scam

Illinois scratch offs are a scam. You can’t win anymore and the odds are actually worse than they say they are. I bought a book of those green $20 holiday merry & bright for $600 as a gift to myself. Guaranteed $100 winner in every book. I scanned all my tickets twice in case there was error or missed winners. NOPE. No $100 winner in the book. This is CORRUPTION/FRAUD by the state of Illinois.

It’s crazy that you never win on scratch offs and then when you finally do win you already know what your prize gone be before you see it the same 1 or 2 dollars over and over again. They never let you win big prizes over and over again. They take but they don’t want to give back

Did anybody see where last night on December 18th that they never put out they evening numbers and I just check this morning at 11 something and they still haven’t put out the number for last night? I told people that the lottery was a scam.

Douglas Wayne Olsen

Ive been trying to find out the winning numbers for lucky day evening 12/18/20 did they draw or not even lottery sales can not tell me what’s going on can I get my money back if they didn’t draw it

I just tried to play with pick my own numbers last lotto just before 900pm and all my circles where neatly circled in and it kept denying my slip just think its a little suspicious since the lotto is computerized. Even the teller was weirded by it cause the numbers were well circled.

It would be nice if they let people win more instead of just ripping people off taking their money. The new system they created they know what numbers people played and how many people played that number that’s why they don’t let that number fall out they let another number fall out that less people played so that’s less money that they have to pay out.
At least that’s my opinion what I think is going on. just let you can buy 5 scratch off tickets and neither one of them are winner’s that’s not right and when you do ever win they give you the same dollar prize over and over never the big prizes that’s not right.

The website is constantly on maintenance after a draw and you cannot log in to see if you won

I had won online $220 and the funds were supposed to be direct deposit back in July. To date haven’t seen funds. I was told by an employee on the player hotline that they were having problems. The supervisor told me the employee shouldn’t have told me that. I asked why because she was telling me the truth. Get getting the run around and still haven’t seen anything. I quit playing myself. Not like it used to be. I also used to win a few times a month. Now nothing. We should all boycott. Submitted complaint to attorney General.

let me tell you what happened today I put 5 bucks in the machine cause I wanted to play some slips well I put in one pick 4 slip to play for midday and evening which would cost 1 buck well the machine took my whole 5 bucks and PUT ME DOWN for 10 draws I did not mark for 5 days they took my money and did not care and did what they wanted too now I can’t play my other numbers on my other slips cause I only had 5 bucks on me what scammers I will never play the machines anymore better to go where you could cancel your ticket when they make a mistake…. they are blood suckers..

I won $111000 and the retailer would not give me my claim ticket. I contacted the lottery they never contacted me back

Within the last few months, I have noticed double, triple numbers all the time.
What’s up with this?

I saw winners same location same time what are the odds of that. It’s like the both said here play this number same location

Illinois lottery constant repeat their pick 3 and pick 4. Popular numbers are suppose to come out not all the time but some time to keep players playing. A lot of players have had it and are regulars in the Indiana lines. If you have it rigged for numbers pay out some time for satisfaction. Illinois lottery has become very very boring. Changing from one to another has gotten even worse. Some players have stopped. The store I play in on a regular basis the store had lines now no lines and store empty. Even the scratch offs are rigged. Batches of scratch offs put out in stores nothing in them I bought $100 of $10 crosswords and did not get a $10 winning ticket out of 10 tickets.
The sales will continue to fall rapidly because we are no fools.

if you play the scratch offs, expect to lose! I’ve played the scratch cards for 25 years and the most I’ve ever got was 5k on a 5 dollar crossword ticket that was a total mistake buy, so I thought… I walked into a gas station to pay for my gas and told the clerk to let me have three 3 dollar crossword scratchers. he misunderstood and handed me three 5 dollar tickets. I explained I hadn’t asked for what he handed me, but said I’d feel mad if I handed them back and they were big winners, so I took them… got home and the very first ticket I scratched had won me 5k.. this was also the week my mom past away… as emotion overtook me I broke down and cried with joy knowing my mom was looking down on me smiling… crossword tickets were the only thing she would play….

Having spent time in California recently, I now realize how rigged the Illinois lottery games are against the players.

In California, I had SEVERAL scratchers that were winners to the tune of $50, $100, and even $250. In Illinois, winning on scratchers is RARE.

Another example, some California games are pari-mutuel where the jackpots jump significantly when they roll over. The Fantasy 5 in CA will jump from $67,000 to $167,000 to $350,000 then $540,000 and then to $935,000, just as an example. In Illinois, the Lucky Day moves in $50,000 increments no matter how big the jackpot gets.

Same with the Lotto. No matter how big the jackpot gets, it only increases $250,000 per rollover.

California also has much more substantial 2nd prizes (for 5 numbers) on the Powerball and Mega Millions games.

All in all, these recent 3 weeks in California gave me a fresh perspective on just how rigged against the players the Illinois Lottery is.

The new lottery is horrible! I play daily and used to win a couple of times a year. Haven’t won once since they changed. I am quitting!

Yea I been playing the last 8 months straight morning and night and haven’t won not one single time so trust me I feel your pain I know that you can’t win the lottery every day but you have to win sometime. Good luck hope you win soon

New company took over Illinois lottery and they took $100 winners away in each book on $20 tickets. No more 1 in 30 for $100. Indiana and Wisconsin are so much better!

Totally agree! Since the new management winning is beyond difficult.Greedy greedy lottery! I’m done. They hired new management because they said they weren’t making enough money! Apparently, the politicians’ pockets weren’t full enough and ours are definitely empty. Boycott! It’s bullshit!

I bought 15 10.00 30.000.000 in a row No# 43 thru #59 without 1 single winner and I saved the tickets. What the hell happened to winning scratch off tickets? It’s nickle and dime with no big winners


Been play 4 pick 4 numbers everyday for over 6 months straight midway and evening everyday and not one single time have any one of those 4 numbers fell out not straight and not box now I know you not gone win everyday but in 6 months something ain’t right about that.

Just went online to check the lottery for today and it’s 1:14 PM and they got some message saying that they have maintenance problems to come back and check later they so full of shit they trying to see what bullshit number they gone throw out today they don’t have any maintenance problems. SCAM

Seen that last week Sunday for the LDL shutdown for maintenance issue, then all of a sudden when I went back they had 2 winners in the same location what are the odds of that

6358 just fell out yesterday in the lottery and now today the same number just fell out again straight 6358 back to back 2 days in a row I told people that lottery is a scam they let numbers fall out that they want to fall out

Why was the lottery taken off TV? They use to show the drawings on TV that way you can see what numbers fell out now they don’t do that anymore because they have a system that see every number that was played that day so any number that they see a lot of people played they don’t let fall out they let another number fall out that fewer people played so the less money that they have to pay out. SCAM.

New company Camelot took over and changed scratch ticket odds around. Barely any more winners and everyone is complaining!

The scratch off tickets suck. Not big winners anymore. I been buying the 10 dll crossword game for more than 10 years, was fun and most of the time I got my money back. Now this game sucks you buy 9 tickets and only get 10 dlls back. I hate it. I even bought the whole book one time and there was only a 100 dll winner ticket. I’m done playing The Illinois Lottery.

It’s a scam they don’t show the numbers anymore because the system knows what numbers people played so any number that a lot of people played they don’t let fall out because that’s more money they have to pay out so they let another number fall out that not too many played and that’s less money they have to give out. It’s a scam anybody can see that bring back the old way that is seen on TV every drawing

Illinois lottery is a scam! You cannot win anymore. Pick 3 and Pick 4 is not randomly selected. The system watches the numbers that have been played and if too many of the same number present in their system it is electronically changed in order to prevent a big payout.

The transparency is now gone. The Illinois Lottery is more interested in cheating their customers and tracking even the smallest wins in order to collect taxes. They have deliberately removed previous number history all video and pamphlets instructions on how to win… Everything has become ambiguous, and a convenient mystery on their end now. The scratch-off ticket wins have become almost non-existent, and when you do win the most you get is your money back, or a few dollars over. It’s disgusting, and very obviously even more crooked than before; which is very telling. My suggestion is that everyone needs to quit playing for a while to reduce the amount of money they are taking from us. You cannot win anyway. So, at least we can keep our money in our pockets instead of letting them continue to make a fool out of us.

I was one of 3 winners for the little lotto back in 1998. At that time the little lotto jackpot was $300,000. I was only paid 56,000. If the pot was divided qually I would have won $100,000. What happened to the other $131,000. Please respond. Thanks

Good afternoon lottery officials. My wife and myself have been playing the Illinois lottery faithfully. For example, my wife has played the lottery number: 4444 for many years but the Illinois lottery system has pulled 4444. I think the Illinois lottery system should be programmed to pulled all players numbers. What Illinois lottery is doing is wrong and doesn’t show you appreciate the players that are playing. You need to allow the number: 1111 to be pulled.

The Illinois lottery is scam your chances win pick 3 or pick 4 is a dream so stop playing if I am wrong I kiss ground.

The Illinois lottery sucks. They draw the same numbers over and over again. If you look at other states that play the lottery there pick 3 numbers are not drawn over and over again I think it’s time for me to start playing Indiana lottery I had enough of this garbage.

Why doesn’t the lottery show the winners from each draw like they did before the bad changes?

I don’t like the new website! The old one was much better!! Now you have a to deposit $10 or more before you can even play!! I will not play online anymore that’s for sure!!

Playing online numbers are not visible to you like the old system. This is worse than the mob, they take from your wallet and you can’t see the whole transaction history, all you see is a dollar amount played and not the numbers you played; so Illinois at any time can say you didn’t play the numbers you played.. Illinois is worse than crooked. I have subscribed and not received 14 transactions and wallet was funded. I was denied wins …so after 6 years of online playing. I’m done .. You can’t even see your own history. Online web page is primitive much worse than old system.

Terrible, too many problems with the site to list. Can’t understand why they don’t list where winning ticket was sold. Old site would show where Lucky Day Lotto winning ticket was purchased but not anymore. Actually, how difficult is it to show this for every draw game?? Can’t imagine how much these geniuses spent on this project to end up with what we have now. Also, 6 different customer service reps and over 3 hours on the phone and still can’t register on the new site.

Horrible, Electronic random number draws, no balls on live Television anymore. This is a big scam to get money from hardworking people. The app sucks, I been playing since 1988, I’m done playing. I don’t trust anything computer generated.

I like the ease of selecting numbers for the lotto, but in general don’t like this website.
I had selected the numbers I wanted to play, and each time I was ready to add money, after adding money, the selection wasn’t saved, so I had to start all over again.
I don’t like the $10 minimum, where the old site was only $5, and I wasn’t allowed to use my remaining balance for the draw I was purchasing.
I DON”T like this website, and will play in store, or not play at all once my balance is used up… that’s even if I’m allowed to use it up.

I cannot get into my former account where I had a balance. Now I can’t register in the new website.

This is BS. I purchased tickets using the app. I have one number and a mega number which I should have won $4 and the app says I am not a winner. I called the 800 number and was put on hold for over an hour with no one picking up the phone. This is a scam. Don’t use the Illinois lottery app if you don’t want to lose your money.

Took 30 min to get numbers put had to deposit money in account this new system is bull thinking about not playing Lottery anymore I already stop power ball and mega better fix it or I’m gone

Ill lotto is a scam. Daily lotto ez numbers skip as you put them into machine.

No money won in black neighborhood. Seem to make sure we dont win after my numbers expire I not going to play had stopped i decided to try again

How many times I need to register… bummer…. something so special as Apps, and here we have one million issues. Bummer……Bummer…..Bummer

Worst site I have ever used. Live Chat function does not work and EVERY single username is “already taken”. Even usernames like iaudjifhakjhkadhfkl358464. Excuse me? Does not work AT ALL. Hire some developers, cheapskates.

My name is Dre I just wanted to let everyone know that Luck Day Lotto in Illinois is a scam I spent $200 on tickets and the way I played them it’s noway I wouldn’t have had one ezmatch every ticket I played I had ezmatch on it no way not even $2 that’s why they don’t show it on TV anymore and we no it doesn’t go to the school’s for are kids like they said it would.

I agree, before the lottery was switched to random draw, they would allow you to see whether someone won using Quick Pick or their own numbers, now they’ve taken this feature away? Why, also why is it that you can see every person that wins as little as a dollar on the Lucky Day Lotto Mega Millions Lotto and Powerball, but not the Pick 3 and Pick 4? Why that you would stop playing if you knew what I know about the Illinois Lottery and he’s probably the same, this is our money and they take it from us with shity odds and b******* promotions and then go broke like a bunch of jokes, maybe if they didn’t have to hire an entire Army of people to help them run the lottery things would go a little smoother, ffs

The Chicago Tribune did a study of Illinois scratch-off games which has found that many of their larger payouts are never awarded, because the games are ended prior to their issuance.

In general this looks like a great site except for the fact you can only play if you are in the geographical boundaries of Illinois – and they check it. So that rules me out! Very frustrating as I like their games. I guess I’m going to have to look elsewhere to find a place to play these games!

ON 11/25/2014 I SAMANTHA ROBINSON PLAYED THE NUMBERS 789 Boxed and They Hit The The Pay out Was SUPOSED BE 300,000 I Only Recived 40.00 and Was Told I Didnt Win The Pay Out Because I Didnt Play Straight Box I Feel Cheated Outta The Winnings The Illinos State Lotto Is a Scam.

Samantha, what planet do you live on? The odds of hitting a box bet is roughly 1-in-167, and you expect a 300,000-to-1 payout.

And if a straight-box bet paid out $300,000 then I would be a very wealthy man in a few days. I’d borrow $1,000 and play all 1,000 combinations of pick-three numbers…and according to your understanding, I’d win $300,000. I’d pay back the $1,000 I borrowed then play $290 on each possible combinations…which would end up paying out $87 million, with NO RISK to me.

You grossly misunderstood the odds and payouts, I assure you.

Lol this is exactly right I would do the exact same thing if even if we’re a $100,000 payout. I’m researching ways to beat either the pick 4, Xtra Shot, or LDL + EZ Match. I’ve won $100 3 or 4 times on the EZ Match along with $50 3 times & $10, $5, or $2 a good 30-40 times. So the EZ Match more than pays for itself in the long run for me. The Pick 3 I figured out 3 combinations that come up way more than others so after winning it 10x with a total payout of $420 I figured I could move onto the bigger games. Pick 4 I’m sure could be beat the same way, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to skip it and figure out a formula to win the LDL or even the Extra Shot. Since you seem to be very good with numbers yourself I was wondering your thoughts H.P. Loveshaft

And yes Samantha sadly the most you can win on the Pick 3 possible is $1,000 since you were playing either a 0.50 or 1.00 Box. And the $1,000 would be if you played 1.00 Straight and hit all 3 numbers plus the Fireball

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Illinois Lottery Exposed — Anything’s Possible?

Illinois Lottery Review

Are you a fan of Powerball, Mega Millions, and local Illinois games like Illinois Lottery Pick 3, Pick 4, and Lucky Day Lotto? Do you feel like going to the store to get your ticket is so 90s? You’re in luck! The Illinois State Lottery is one of those that make online ticket buying possible.

The Illinois Lottery website gives you a chance to play your favorite state games plus a few online exclusives.

Today, we’re about to find out if such an opportunity is worth pursuing.

Games at Illinois Lottery

Illinois Lottery games for online play span the local operator’s standard portfolio plus a couple of extras.

The games you can get your hands on through the website and the app include the much-beloved Powerball and Mega Millions, as well as Lotto, Lucky Day Lotto, Pick 3 and Pick 4.

The exclusive online offers include sweepstakes, second chance promotions, and other opportunities that will be announced periodically.

Does the website give you the same cost as going to the local gas station to get your tickets in terms of prices? If you want to play Lucky Day Lotto, you’ll have to spend one dollar buying your ticket from a shop. The same amount applies to online purchases.

Apart from the website, there are several Illinois Lottery apps, one of the official. At the time being, the official phone app doesn’t allow the buying of tickets. Rather, you can scan your Illinois Lottery numbers from a ticket you bought offline to discover if you’ve won anything.

IL Lottery: Who Can Play?

Illinois lottery games can be a lot of fun but will you have a chance to play if you don’t live in the state? Many official online ticket buying options come with geographic restrictions, making them usable only within the respective jurisdiction.

To play Illinois lotto games online, you have to register for the digital portal. All registered players need to go through a verification procedure that identifies their age. You cannot play lotteries in Illinois if you’re under 18, which applies to online ticket buying.

It’s also forbidden for players to make purchases outside of Illinois. Sorry, folks, from the rest of the US and the rest of the world! Location services are being utilized to keep you out of the ticket-buying platform if you’re not located where you need to be.

Illinois State Lottery and Claiming Your Prizes

The prize claim procedure is fairly straightforward. Winnings of under 600 dollars are automatically credited to a player’s account.

The Illinois Lottery Claims Department processes larger sums. There is a prize claim process that each individual will have to go through. All of the steps will be outlined in an email that winners will receive.

Sums credited to one’s online account can be withdrawn to a payment method of preference.

Customer Service and Who Is Behind the Illinois Lottery Official Website

Illinois State Lottery has been around since 1974. It is the entity behind the organization of local lottery games. It is also the one that runs and operates the ticket buying website.

The operator behind the lottery is called Camelot, Illinois, and this is the same entity that operates the UK National Lottery (under the name Camelot Group there).

You can rest assured that Camelot Illinois operates under state regulations that are put in place to protect players.

If you have questions or concerns, you can contact Illinois State Lottery by email and via a telephone hotline. There are also multiple offices throughout the state you can go to and discuss issues in person. Addresses are listed on the lottery website.

Other Bits and Pieces

There isn’t a lot more to discuss in connection to Illinois Lottery online. Il State Lottery doesn’t have a ton of online extras, special bonuses, or other perks for online players. While that’s a pity, it isn’t far from the standard way of doing things in the US.

One interesting opportunity we haven’t touched upon is the Il Lottery Extra Shot.

Extra Shot isn’t an online exclusive. It’s an add-on you can activate when playing Lotto. For an additional dollar per line, winners can multiply their prizes. The good news is that the Lotto Extra Shot can be activated at retail venues and through the online platform. You have to check the respective box and process the payment at the end of it all.

The Bottom Line at Illinois Lottery

The Illinois Lottery official site doesn’t offer a wow experience, but it gets the job done. The end goal is to buy tickets online, and this is precisely what you can accomplish.


An official website launched and operated by the designated regional lotto entity

A good selection of local and national games to play

Ticket prices are the same as in the retail network

A simple prize claim process

You can subscribe and have automatic entries in your favorite games


There aren’t too many bonuses and online exclusives

A thorough ID verification process has to be completed when signing up

Online ticket buying is only available within Illinois

There’s a mobile app, but you can’t buy tickets through it (only suitable for checking results)

So there, you have it. The Illinois State Lottery website is clean and functional. It does the bare minimum, but that’s still more than what many other state lotteries have to offer. If you’re a local who likes buying tickets from home, you’ll enjoy the convenience that the digital platform brings to the table.

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