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all the bad and good experiences that you have and that you learn from; used especially to talk about someone who is wise but not highly educated

loteria – translate into English with the Polish-English Dictionary – Cambridge Dictionary

Lyrics and TranslationLotería

Prince Royce

  • Written by :
  • Geoffrey Royce Rojas
  • D’lesly Lora
  • Yonathan Then
  • More

Original Lyrics

Translation in English

“ No hay comparación, yo bien te lo decía — Prince Royce

Writer(s): Geoffrey Royce Rojas, D’lesly Lora, Ronald Lopez, Yonathan Then

Last activities

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Feb 7th 2020

Carita de Inocente

Si Supieras

Señorita Por Favor

Dec. 21

Es Muy Tarde


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English translation of lyrics for Lotería by Prince Royce. A las cinco 'e la mañana él te llama Deseando el tenerte en su cama Pero, él no sabe sacia… ]]>