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Lotto Exposed Presenting the World’s Best 6 Lottery Movies

Lotto Exposed Team Has 6 Lottery Movies to Cheer You Up

Sometimes, after you play the lottery for so long, you start to believe that it is impossible to win. We know this isn’t true because lottery winners are popping up all the time somewhere—regardless of the amount they win. Your time will come! Until it does, I’ve selected some of my favorite movies that feature people winning the lottery to inspire you. Maybe, you’ll want to check them out too… Just grab some popcorn, kick back, and enjoy the stories of these winners! For those of you who prefer books, we have something enjoyable, as well.

Note: List is not in any specific order)

Lucky Numbers (2000)

This movie takes place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Russ Richards (John Travolta) isn’t having the best of luck after he invested in a snowmobile company—only to be suffering because of the unexpected warmer winter. When a scam goes wrong, Russ finds himself deeper in debt, and he is convinced to rig the lottery. Naturally, mayhem ensues, and a trail of murder and betrayal is left in the wake.

Brewster’s Millions (1985)

If you read the article that was posted about spending all of your lottery winnings in 24 hours, and need some more ideas, you want to check out this movie. The protagonist Richard Prior is tasked with spending a mere $30 million in 30 days. No portion of the sum should be left after this period. In the case of success. Richard will inherit $300 million! The catch? All of the purchases should result in no possessions by the end of the 30 days. In essence, whatever the money is spent on, it can’t be kept. It’s more than a challenging task that results in a highly entertaining comedy.

It Could Happen To You (1994)

If you want a feel-good movie about money, romance and something else, It Could Happen to You is just the type of film you’ve been waiting for. Nicolas Cage plays a do-good cop who promises a waitress, Bridget Fonda, that if he wins the lottery, he’ll come back and split the winnings with her. As you’ve probably guessed already, Cage’s character wins, and he stays true to his word—much to the chagrin of his girlfriend played by Rosie Perez.

Lucky (2011)

Now, this is a darker movie, but it still has its comedic value! Lucky is about a man, Ben Keller, (Colin Hanks) who murders a woman to steal her $36 million winning lottery ticket. Lucy (Ari Graynor) is the long-time crush who suddenly notices Ben after he is announced the winner. When she discovers Ben’s dirty secret (the dead woman just hanging out in Ben’s closet), Lucy struggles with the decision to stay for the money while the body count rises, or get the hell outta dodge.

Waking Ned Devine (1998)

What happens when you learn you’ve won the lottery and you drop dead (literally) from the shock? Where does that money go? If you are the townsfolk where Ned Devine (said winner) lives, it goes to you! In this film, Ned learns he has won the lottery, and he dies. Jackie and Michael, his friends, come up with a plan to claim the ticket and share the lottery winnings with the entire town… The plan appears to have no glitches until the claim inspector comes in person! Watch the hilarity ensue as the Irishmen try to pass off this little white lie.

29 th Street (1991)

Based on a true story, this film may be the most inspiring one from the entire bunch. It tells the story of Frank Pesce (Anthony LaPaglia) a Little Italy resident from New York who suddenly enjoys a streak of fantastic luck. Frank decides to use this luck and test out the first statewide lottery organized in New York in 1976. He buys a single ticket, and suddenly, everyone wants to be Frank’s friend. Frank eventually wins six million dollars but is that sufficient to make his life better? Watch this lovely movie to find out. While it’s only loosely based on Frank Pesce’s life, 29 th Street is still worth adding to your lottery movie collection.

Six favorite lottery movies of lotto winners and the zany antics they go through after winning!

A Fun Way to Pick Your Lottery Numbers with Your Favorite Movies

If you don’t have lucky lottery numbers, or they keep failing to bring in the money and you don’t want the lottery machine to pick them for you in a Quick Pick, there’s a more fun way to obtain your “winning” lottery numbers. Maybe one of these sets of following numbers will get you on the board in the next US Mega Millions lottery, for example. Try using the numbers from lottery movies that have won. Here are six sets of winning lottery numbers that won in the movies.

From the drama series, “Lost” the character Hurley steals some documents that contain the repeated numbers 04–08–15–16–23–42. These turn out to be the same numbers Hurley had used to win a lottery jackpot. Over the ensuing weeks, everyone around him seems to suffer increasingly bad luck. Hurley then visits a mental asylum to talk to another patient who keeps repeating the numbers to him. He keeps saying, “The numbers are bad.” The numbers may have been bad for those around Hurley, but nevertheless they were still lucky for him.

The Lottery Ticket

In the movie “The Lottery Ticket” Bow Wow (played by Kevin Carson) and his grandma hit it big with a $375 million jackpot with numbers from a fortune cookie. The plot of the movie thickens when he has to survive a three-day weekend after his opportunistic neighbors find out he’s holding the winning ticket. The winning numbers were: 04–32–33–42–45–21.

It Could Happen To You

“It Could Happen to You” is such an apropos title for a lottery movie because you know that it can indeed happen to you. That’s why you play. Isn’t it? In this film a policeman promises to split his lottery winnings with a waitress because he didn’t have any change for a tip. Well, you guessed it. He wins the lottery and now is perplexed by the promise he kept to the waitress. What would you do? The winning numbers were: 06–12–16–26–64–08.


In “Paycheck” Ben Affleck is a reverse engineer meaning he analyzes his clients’ competitor’s technology and recreates it, often adding improvements beyond the original specifications. To protect his clients’ intellectual property and himself, Affleck undergoes a memory wipe, but not before leaving himself the winning numbers to a lottery jackpot. The winning numbers were: 17–44–04–26–37–70–22.

Lucky Numbers

In “Lucky Numbers” weatherman John Travolta is broke. He’s borrowed heavily to open a snowmobile dealership, but it’s unseasonably warm. He tries to run an insurance scam, but that goes wrong as well and he is out another $10,000. Finally he and his girlfriend figure out a way to rig the lottery to get her cousin to buy the winning ticket. Their winning numbers were: 22–70–16–9–27–07.

Waking Ned Devine

This is an English comedy filmed on the Isle of Man. Although it’s a comedy, at the very start of the film the main character is found dead holding the winning ticket. He literally dies from joy when he hits the jackpot. It’s a story of a complicated plan by a village to outsmart lottery officials and the prize won by the title character. It shows how these people capitalize on human greed and depicts the ruthlessness of society. Ned’s winning numbers were 19–40–04–07–25–29.

So, regardless of how you choose your numbers: self-pick, Quick Pick, or from a lottery movie’s winning numbers, enjoy the game and play responsibly.

If you don’t have lucky lottery numbers, or they keep failing to bring in the money and you don’t want the lottery machine to pick them for you in a Quick Pick, there’s a more fun way to obtain your… ]]>