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Vermont (VT) Pick 3 Evening Past 30 Day Winning Numbers

How to Play Pick 3?

On a Pick 3 play slip mark the play type (straight, box, front pair or back pair), time of day desired, (DAY, EVE, or BOTH) amount of bet ($.50 to $5.00 per bet), and select three (3) numbers (2 numbers if only playing Front Pair or Back Pair) and number of draws for each panel.

On a Pick 3 playslip, mark the EASY PICK (EP) box at the bottom of the panel on each play to let the computer terminal randomly pick the numbers for you. You must still determine the play type, time of day desired, amount of bet and number of draws for each panel. You cannot select 6-way or 3-way box bets (see below) on an Easy Pick bet. Each Easy Pick will be a $.50 play for the next available draw unless another draw time, draw day or dollar amount is selected.

You may purchase a ticket for any of the next 14 draws by filling in the day from the Multi Draws column and the appropriate DAY, EVE, or BOTH box on the play slip. – Lottery Winning Strategies,california lottery,florida lottery,texas lottery,Prizes, Winning Numbers Statistics, Jackpots & more

Pick 3 Vermont (VT) Lottery Results & Game Details

Pick 3 Vermont Hot and Cold Numbers

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How to Play Vermont Pick 3

Pick Your Numbers

You can use the Quick Pick option and the computer will automatically choose your numbers for you, or you can pick your own numbers by filling out a play slip and selecting a three-digit number from 000 to 999. You only need to select one digit for single digit play, or two digits for pair play.

Buy Your Ticket

You can buy Pick 3 tickets from authorized retailers in Vermont. Online play for Pick 3 is not available.

Vermont Pick 3 Drawing Schedule

Pick 3 drawings are two times daily at 1:10 PM and 6:59 PM ET.

Cut-off for ticket sales is at 1:00 PM for the day draw and 6:45 PM for the evening draw.

Vermont Pick 3 Payout and Rules

To Play Pick 3, a player must first choose their desired play type. There are four types – straight, box, pairs, and single digit play. After the player has selected their play type and numbers, they can choose how much to wager, between $0.50 to $5. Players can also choose which draw time to enter, and how many consecutive draws to participate in.

Vermont Pick 3 Payouts and Odds

Play Type and Match Prize with $1 Wager Odds
Straight $500 1 in 1,000
Box 3-way $166 1 in 333
Box 6-way $84 1 in 167
Front Pair $50 1 in 100
Back Pair $50 1 in 100
Single Digit $5 1 in 10

*A $0.50 wager reduces the payout by half. A wager over $1 will multiply the prize by the same dollar amount.

Vermont Pick 3 Claiming Your Prize

You can claim prizes of up to $500 from any Vermont Lottery authorized retailer. You can claim prizes of $500 to $5,000 at any People’s United Bank in Vermont. Finally, you may also visit the Vermont Lottery office to claim any prize amount.

All winners have 1 year after the winning draw to claim their prize.

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